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The housewives are at it again with another week of booze induced unnecessary drama. Find out who called who a Biznatch and who is cheating right here!
The ladies of Bravo are always trying to out do their their reality neighbors by causing more drama and we love it! We want you to tell us who, what, when and where! What you liked about each episode and what you would have done if you were in their shoes.


3 way action in Beverly Hills

Brandi explains to the ladies the techniques of keeping the spice in the bed room and all around the house for that matter. The cast acts as if they are not interested in doing any such thing but take notes as she discusses the details…

The Truth is out

The ladies are seeing the light and realizing Lisa really is a great person and Brandi is not so bad herself. With all the alcohol abuse and alleged drug use by the other housewives the public knows who is genuine and who is full of it. With the Beverly Hills season over and an new one soon to start let us know what you think about these wild women.